Cross Made with Sabor Papel's Amor Collection

Cross Made with Sabor Papel's Amor Collection
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ole All Occasion Explosion Box

Hello and welcome to my blog.  This is such an exciting time of the year to craft. There are so many gift giving opportunities with graduations, weddings, showers, birthdays and just a gift you want to give because you love someone.  Today, I want to share with you a simple technique, how to create an explosion box.  An explosion box is a gift card/scrapbook/gift box in one!!  Sabor Papel's scrapbook papers are perfect for this project because they are vibrant and made from a sturdy high quality cardstock.  Let's get started with my tutorial. 

Supplies to make the box and lid 
3: 12x12 pieces and 1: 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 piece of Sabor Papel Cardstock
paper trimmer
adhesive of your choice

The explosion box consists of three layers that are adhered to each other.  Let's begin with the bottom layer.
 The bottom layer is left at the 12x12 size. Place the paper as shown and score at 4 inches.  Turn the paper 90 degrees and score again at 4 inches.   Repeat until there is a score line at 4 inches on all 4 sides.

Fold and crease on all the score lines.

Now,  we will make cuts so that the box can be folded and formed.  First, cut the left bottom vertical score line to the first fold.

 Next, turn the paper 90 degrees and cut the left bottom vertical score line up to the first fold.  Repeat this two more times until you have 4 cuts.

 The photo above shows the four cuts.  One is to the right of the guitar image, the other is above the donkey, the third is top right where you see the banner purple piece cut, and the final one is the top left square where the cut is at the bottom of the square.  

 Fold the edges up and overlap as shown to form into the box.  This will be the outer box and the other layers will be built onto this layer.

Now, let's move onto the second (middle) layer. The middle layer paper is cut to 11 1/4 inches by 11 1/4 inches .

 Next, score this layer at 3 3/4 inches  on all 4 sides.  Turn the paper as you did the bottom layer to score on all 4 sides.

 Fold and crease on all the the score lines.

 Next, for this layer, you will cut on the score lines to cut all four corner squares away.

 Glue the second layer to the bottom layer by applying adhesive the the middle square and attaching the two middle squares together.  

Now , let's make  the top layer.  The top layer is cut to 10 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches.

 Score this layer at 3 1/2 inches on all four sides just as you did the second layer.

 After cutting away the four corners just as you did on the second layer, glue this layer to the second layer by applying adhesive to the middle square and attaching the middle squares together.

The photos above show how the explosion box looks closed and opened.  Cute isn't it?  Now let's make the lid.

For the lid,  you will need a piece of cardstock cut to 6 1/4 by 6 1/4 inches.
 Score the 6 14/ by 6 1/4 paper at 1 inch on all four sides.

 Cut and miter slightly as shown.

Apply  glue on mitered corner and attach to the other corner from underneath as shown in the pictures above.  Make sure that the attachment is squared and neat.

 Fold up the explosion box and put the lid on!!  That's all there is to it.  Now you can begin the best part of all, the decorating and embellishing.  The possibilities are endless.  You can adhere photos and journaling tags to the flaps.  You can decorate the outside of the box as you wish also!!  So exciting to just dig into your stash of Sabor Papel papers and card stock cutouts and fussy cut some images to make this a really special gift!!  There is even room inside the box, when folded, up to include a small gift or gift card.  This all occasion box is so suitable for any gift you want to give away.  

 Check out my You Tube video to see how the box works.  

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