Cross Made with Sabor Papel's Amor Collection

Cross Made with Sabor Papel's Amor Collection
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Documenting Your Journey with Sabor!!

Hello!  Welcome to my blog.  If there is one thing we all know for sure is that crafting is good for the soul.  For me, this is so true also of journaling and documenting my journey in writing.  Today, I want to share with you how I used Sabor Papel's beautiful paper collections to personalize these journals I made.

 Sabor's Amor Collection is the perfect paper for my Amor Journal.  In this journal, I write all about my gratitude and experiences with the love in my life.  Here is how I personalized it.

 First, I inked the blank kraft cover with Tim Holtz' Aged Mohagany distressed ink.  I also inked the inside edges of the journal.

 Next, I measured the pieces I needed to cover the outside covers.  The inside flap was a bit tricky, but I used the flap as a pattern to measure for the cutout of the front rectangle cover. 

  I left a 1/4 inch edge around and glued it down.   Then, I cut strips of paper to cover the spines inside and out.  

 Often, I like to apply distress ink using a stencil to random pages in my journals.  After the ink dries, I journal with any pen of choice and it gives a nice custom feel to it.

 I also like to add a sentiment or image to the page if I can.  Here, I inked "family" onto the page where I will journal about love of family.  To embellish the cover, I added a metal piece and the Amor cardstock cutout layered over it.  I love how this project turned out.  

I was so excited after I finished the Amor journal, I just had to get into my stash of Olé and customize a few more!!

The top journal shown is used to journal new ideas for crafting projects and planning of any kind.  The spiral bound journal underneath is more of a notebook where I will document memories.  Kind of like a smash book, but really just to document and record memories in writing and also adding pictures and other memorabilia to the journal book. 

 I decided to add inside pockets to keep photos and things I will need to document in the spiral bound book..  Some of the pages will be embellished with pictures and/ or images.  I love the images in the Ole' collection for this type of journal because they are very festive and colorful.  They embody the types of memories I want to document in this journal.

I am so happy with the way they turned out.  I can't wait to start documenting and journaling!!  I hope this has inspired you to customize your own personal items.   Click here to go to Santana Crafts  and pick up some beautiful paper of your own!!  Post and tag Sabor, Santanacrafts and Designsbyminda on social media so we can celebrate your creativity too!!

Love and Blessings,