Cross Made with Sabor Papel's Amor Collection

Cross Made with Sabor Papel's Amor Collection
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pocket Pages in a Mini

 Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.  Today I am going to show you probably the easiest way to increase what we scrappers call, " the real estate" in a mini album.  My love for creating mini albums began pretty early in my journey of scrapbooking.  I just love them so much, but for me and many other paper crafters, documenting our journey in them can be very challenging because of the limited space for photos and journaling. 

There are many techniques that can be a solution to this.  One that I am incorporating into my mini album , All I Need is Love,  is pocket pages. The photo above shows a pretty straight forward pocket.  It is crafted to cover about the lower third of the page and can be filled with tags and journaling spots.  Photos and journaling can be added to the backs of the tags and a photo can also be placed on the pocket and/or behind the tags on the page itself. It can hold 2 medium sized photos and lots of journaling.

These two pages have diagonal pockets.  This technique adds interest to the page as well as provides space for larger tags, journaling spots,  and a small booklet insert (the purple tag).

The photo above shows a double pocket page.  I like to use this technique because  it adds more color and pattern since  I can use  more than one or two of these gorgeous Amor collection papers on one page!!.  This double pocket technique adds even more space for all sizes of tags, photo mats, and inserts.

A modified version of the pocket is a belly band.  That is a strip of paper that is adhered to the sides of the page only.  The tag slips behind the belly band.  I like to add a decorative stopper so the tags don't slip off the page.  Photos can be added behind the tag onto the page itself as well.  This technique is fun to use because the belly band can be set on the page horizontally( as shown), vertically, or even diagonally.

  Pocket pages are not just for mini albums though.  Try using them on any page layout of any size!   Thank you for visiting the blog today.  I hope you have found it helpful and try this technique in your next project.  All the pages were made using Sabor Papel's Amor Premier Paper Collection.  It is simply divine.  Click here if you would like to purchase some of this amazing paper.

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Preserving My Family's Legacy

 The first project I made for Sabor Papel using the Amor Collection.  My mother and my photo taken in 1958.

Hello and thank you for joining me on my blog today.  I want to share with you a bit about myself and my journey of preserving my family's leagacy.  I know I come from a long line of talented women crafters.  My mother once told me that my grandmother, Petra, spent most of her time embroidering, tatting, and crocheting since she came from an aristrocratic Mexican family.   My own childhood memories are filled with the sound of my mom's Singer sewing machine running  late into the night and of images of her sitting in her chair crocheting her beautiful doilies and handmade dolls.  

Just like those two beautiful and beloved women, creating beautiful handmade treasures runs through my blood. I have crafted in so many ways in my 57 years.  I even earned an interior design degree, but truly my first loves are crocheting and papercrafting.  I am so blessed to have shared this love with my mother and now with my daughter, Crystal.   We could craft and share ideas all day long!!

 Crystal and me at Scrapbook Expo.  She is such an inspiration to me!

And now since the launching of  Crystal's company, Sabor Papel,  I am even more excited and inspired to continue the legacy of crafting and documenting my journey.  Of course, we are now passing on this love of art to the new generation in the family, Dylan and Vincent, my beautiful and talented grandsons.

I am so very proud of my talented daughter, Crystal.  She and Teresa have created Sabor Papel and founded it on the cornerstones that are close to so many of our hearts.  I encourage all of you to be inspired to document your own journey, connect to your heritage, celebrate your culture, and preserve your legacy using these gorgeous and inspiring paper collections.  I leave you with one of my favorite projects that I have created so far for Sabor Papel.  It was inspired by their mission statement: Documenting our journey, connecting to our heritage, celebrating our culture and preserving our legacy.

Amor Legacy Box Tags

Amor Legacy Box and Tags Album

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